Nicholson Loft Conversions

Nicholson Lofts specialises in adding valuable extra space to your home.

We are all looking for extra space in today’s urban environments and a loft conversion is often a great way to add extra space to a terraced house and Nicholson Lofts is particularly adept at giving you the maximum possible space available from your particular property.

Nicholson Lofts have been in business for over 16 years and so we know how to deal with the whole process, from unusual roofing structures to awkward stairway access. Almost all of our work comes through personal recommendation.

We not only a huge amount of experience, but also financial stability, superb quality control and management systems that ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

We help you through the whole process, from detailed planning and costing of the project through to any statutory issues such as planning and party walls and most importantly we take the time to analyse your requirements properly and then we work with you to produce the most effective solutions.